Maintain A Good Corporate Image

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  • Thursday, March 3, 2011
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  • For any corporation--virtual or brick-and-mortar-- it is very important to create a distinct image in the market. This Corporate Image distinguishes your business from its competitors and provides a picture of it to the general public. It depicts the principles, beliefs, and values of the company. The image is partly responsible for increasing sales and to achieve brand equity. Corporate image creation is a arduous and time consuming process and is mostly carried out by marketing experts with expertise in both sales and public relations. Since the image is targeted to attract customers it should be highly appealing.

    The name of the company or business and its claim should reflect its beliefs and values. Much like Wal-Mart, which says that it "sells for less". The logo should be designed accordingly. A very good example of this is FedEx which has an arrow incorporated in its logo that depicts its fast and efficient service. Once the image is created the next step is advertising and product distribution in the market. If for example the business produces luxury goods, they should rope in big names in the advertising business and the models to be featured in their ads should be super stars. Likewise, they should not sell their products through ordinary departement stores; instead they should target high-street boutiques or open their own flagship stores.

    Take Care Of Your Reputation

    Once the corporate image is created, it should be retained. It should be reflected in all the brands and product lines of a corporation. Even if only one of the products isn't up to the mark, it will confuse consumers and will therefore hit sales.

    Bad press can destroy a well-created corporate image in minutes. The simplest of controversies can be exaggerated by the media and spoil the name of the company. Nowadays, many foul-mouthed campains start on the internet, on blogs, Facebook or Twitter by unhappy customers and other people. Controversies are born by the interference of organizations related to environment, religion, crime, politics, education and charity. It is therefore vital for any business to invest in reputation management.

    For example, a certain company had hidden non-vegetarian ingredients in a vegetarian product. This led to the decrease of trust among the customers. In such a case the company should either advertise itself as a company selling non-vegetarian food or it should invest in promoting the company as vegetarian by introducing more vegetarian products. So the image of each individual product of the company makes up for the complete image of the corporation. And last but not the least, the image should be very realistic, truly representing its values and should leave a personal touch with the consumers.


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