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  • Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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  • Michael G. Isinger
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  • We are happy to welcome yet another team member of - meet Marcus Stijn Johansen. Marcus is a 27 years old credit analyst from Roseberry, Australia. He holds a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance (GradDipAppFin) and is currently working for a financial services firm operating out of Australia and New Zealand, that is specialized in home, car and commercial loans, debtor finance and mortgages.

    He is egoist|media's 'heavy guy' for finances and stuff. Here at VirtualBusinessBasics he will write about accounting, finance and insurances for small and home business owners. He is also planning to maintain his own blog, where he will provide some insights about finance and investment to you folks.

    Marcus will also join Phoebe in writing exclusive ebooks for egoist|media. Stay tuned for those!

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