What Is A Virtual Office?

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  • The concept of a virtual office has been gaining much ground in the business and start-up communities over the last few years. Virtual offices have no exact location, and they are formed through the use of fibre optics, digital cables and internet connectivity. A virtual office is a shared space, very much like a physical office but in a different, more fluid sense. It has all the benefits of a normal office, telephony, email, fax and some of the physical peripherals that are integral to maintaining normal office operations. In short, it is a network that is shared by business partners and workers taking up cyberspace and digital real estate over the internet and it is one of the most cost effective ways to start up a business in the 21st Century.

    The revolution literally exploded with the hdot com boom in the early 1990’s and larger corporations realised the inherent potential of the internet to act as a base of operations for part or in face all of their operations. When Internet 2.0 came along and the levels of interactivity shot through the room with virtual boardrooms, Skype, MSN and streaming video - business large and small began looking at cyber real estate to solve all their office needs.

    The upstart of the homesourced worker – those who work freelance from home, also nudged this new phenomenon in the right direction. There lay the tools before them great connectivity, faster and faster speeds, email, digital fax, large file transport systems and search engines as a form of marketing – coupled with the problem of rising physical costs and a steady approach to recession.

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    The virtual office package started to become more and more attractive and soon, it was the mainstay of the new business starter or even a solution to risky ventures and temporary expansions. Now, more and more companies are offering better and better virtual office packages – which means that it is getting more attractive and more lucrative. Newer amenities include the services of a personalised call assistant, collection of fax, telephone routing system, snail mail collection, rental of temporary meeting rooms, e-services that include software to run virtual boardroom meetings or trans-border meetings. Nothing could be better than knowing you have all the tools necessary to run your business and give the market a feel before committing to something more concrete in the long run.

    Virtual offices are made for short term stratagems and this means that the risk associated with these sorts of manoeuvres are lessened to a degree which makes them more viable. Turning a profit is great but what happens if you come up short handed? You do not want to be in a situation where your failed business is handing you a bill on one end and the physical office that you just signed for is waiting in line. Lessen your risks and get a virtual office. This is a decision that you will not regret, especially in these very bearish and very risky times.

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    Siva said...

    This article explains the fundamentals of virtual office very clearly. I have been conducting business from home, via the cyber world for the past 3 years. I have been contemplating about a virtual office service for sometime now. Michael did an excellent job of breaking down the pros of having a virtual office space. After reading this article, I believe that I am ready to sign up for one of this services.

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